Atlanta Hawks , that is pupils of the primary school “ Borislav Pekic” from Belgrade , are the champions of the Junior NBA league of Serbia in 2019!

In the final game played in “Radoivoj Korac” hall defeated Oklahoma City Thunder ( primary school “ Brace Jerkovic “ from Belgrade) with the score 27:21.

In the game for the third place , Charlotte Hornets ( Primary School “ Lazar Savatic” from Belgrade ) defeated Phoenix Suns ( Primary School “ Ivan Goran Kovacic” from Belgrade ) with 37:33 and won bronze medal.

This brilliant atmosphere was also enjoyed by former NBA players Zarko Cabarkapa, Bostjan Nachbar and Mile Ilic, as well as our women national team players Sonja Petrovic and Ana Dabovic , Dejan Tomasevic , Secretary General of the Basketball Federation of Serbia , Adrian Carrion Armas, representative of basketball operations NBA Europa, Dusko Savanovic, former national basketball player, Milica Jelic, marketing director of the general sponsor “Mlekara Sabac” , Marko Putnik, marketing director at Triglav Insurance , as well as Bojan Popovic, the first man of Junior NBA League of Serbia.

Mihajlo Petrovic from Oklahoma City was best among the boys . Kristina Radjenovic from Minnesota ( Primary school “ 14 October” ) was the most skillful girl.

Vuk Sisovic, the member of Oklahoma City was the best shooter, and he also won the title of the best league shooter., while Vukasin Kovac from Atlanta was the MVP player of the finals.

The award “ Rising Star” went to Savo Markovic from Atlanta.

In the season line up are Milica Sarenac from Atlanta, Djordje Jovanovic from Phoenix, Matej Kolarevic from Charlotte , Vuk Sisovic from Oklahoma and Vukasin Kovac from Atlanta.

Dejan Tomasevic , the Secretary General of the Basketball Federation , handed plaquette for partnership in the organization of Junior NBA League Serbia 2019 to Mr. Armas from NBA Europe, Milica Jelic from “Mlekare Sabac” and Marko Putnik from Triglav Insurance.

The trophies and medals to the participants were handed by Sonja Petrovic, Ana Dabovic, Dusko Savanovic, Milica Jelic, Marko Putnik, Adrian Carrion Armas and Bostjan Nahbar.

Dejan Tomasevic and Bostjan Nahbar handed gold medals to the children from Primary School “Borislav Pekic” , as well as big champion trophy.

Dejan Tomasevic , Secretary General, addressed young basketball players:

I have been watching you here and I am sad that when I was that young I did not have an opportunity to wear NBA dress like you have … Enjoy in basketball !- said Tomasevic.

The participants were also addressed by the representative of basketball operations NBA Europe, Adrian Carrion Armas saying that the organization was brilliant and that he enjoyed the finals.

Tamara Romcevic , young basketball player in Art basket , and Nemanja Sarenc Partizan NIS, have been recently selected by NBA Europe to represent Serbia in the team of Europe and Middle East at Junior NBA World Championship, that is to be held for the second time , this year in August in Orlando.

Like in previous years Junior NBA League of Serbia was sponsored by Mlekara Sabac and Triglav Insurance.