National team of Serbia has had a practice today in the arena in Wuhan before and important game against Spain (Sunday September 8th at 14:30) for first place in the group J at the World Cup in China.

Head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic has spoken in front of a lot of Serbian reporters about the game which decides if our team will go to the quarterfinals as the first from the group and travel to Shanghai or as the second placed in the group and travel to Dongguan.

“The most important and the most difficult game until now… The most demanding for sure… Spain starts every tournament in a bad form and then they pick it up. They have been doing it for years, no matter if they plan it or not. In my talk to Scariolo, I realized that they have not planned that this time. but it’s like that. They have a great experience, excellent leaders like Llull, Rubio, Rudy Fernandez who are very experienced players, Pau Ribas does the job from the bench. Of course, with great Marc Gasol, brothers Hernangomez and Claver, that is a great team. They play really strong, physically, they are on the edge of the foul every time. We have to be ready to realize our expectations.”

And Serbia has also raised it condition on the big competitions.

“.. And we will do it now too. Depends what we mean when we say excellent. Earlier years we said that even when you get out on the court to warm up, with your body language you show the purpose of your presence at the competition. This affect your opponents too. When the opponent is a weaker national team they put up with it, but when they are stronger they play with more pride, strength and knowledge. It is going to be harder now..”

Djordjevic has said that the goal is to win against Spain…

“That was a little metaphor and I think everyone got it. If you ask me they were a dominating European national team, they played fantastically, starting with older Gasol.”

In the past they were after us and were trying to beat us as much as they could? Do we want the same thing now?

“We want to win first. It is less important how to achieve this and what the score will be. We just need to be confident in ourselves and in the way we play, just to keep going in the same rhythm. Nothing special is not needed. What happened, happened. Those are the things that will keep changing. This cycle we can mark someway, that is how we think.”

National team of Spain plays a really good defense.

“There are players who do an excellent job on defense, like Oriola, Claver, younger Hernangomez and player who come off the bench. Some games which were played in the group against Iran and Tunisia, Quino Colom has checked in off the bench as a third PG and connected them, but their defense is their “trademark” known for years. They know how to draw a foul, foul, the masters right there are Rudy Fernandez before everyone else, but Rubio, Ribas and Llull play excellent defense. That is a great challenge and it is coming at the excellent time.”

– said Aleksandar Djordjevic.