Only 16 hours after the game with Philippine , the national team of Serbia entered the court again in the Foshan arena. This time the “Eagles” have had practice, the only one scheduled for today, and thus have done the preparations before tomorrow’s game against Italy.
In the first two rounds both teams have convincingly won defeated Philippine and Angola, so the game Serbia- Italy (Wednesday, September 4, 2019 at 13.30 Serbian time) will be decisive in terms of the group winner.

After the practice Aleksandar Djordjevic, the Head Coach , said:

We have done recovery practice as planned , with lot of shots taken and other things. We are preparing for Italy, the most important game at the moment, the most important game in our careers. Everything is clear. Two games that we have played with them means us a lot . We have won both times, but neither of us was in full roster. I am sure we have a good game ahead of us.

Djordjevic referred to tactical details of the tomorrow’s game:

I think that we know where to hit. We have our game , and we have to make certain efforts . We know that they have excellent shooters. Gentile will attack us on the post . They are strong in athletic term , not so tall. They will double team our centers and try to slow our game down. We know what to expect. I have praised our players for their serious approach in the game against Philippine as well as two days before. The pressure is something we live with every day. It would be bad if it weren’t for it because it would mean that we do not play for something that is very important for us.

Stefan Bircevic, our forward, has also spoken about tomorrow’s game:

The first tougher game at this competition, very important for us , as we would like to be the first in the group, and enter the second phase with one win more which is very important for qualification into the quarter finals. We know Italy and we know what to expect, we have played with them twice. In terms of physical readiness they are very strong, they have lot of NBA players, but if we play our defense and act as a team in offense I think we can achieve desired win.- said Bircevic