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1995 – 2002 European Nightmare

Unfortunately, the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona did not experience the expected encounter of the century. Due to the sanction imposed on our country, the generation rightfully name the European Nightmare, had to miss the European Championship held in Germany and the 1994 World Championship hosted in Toronto instead of Belgrade. The basketball players of Partizan, who had to play their games in Fuenlabrada due to the first year of sanctions, reached the title of European Champions at the final-four in Istanbul.

A new beginning of a new national team and a new country would start at the European Championship in Athens, in 1995.

Divac, Savic, Danilovic, Paspalj, Sreternovic and Djordjevic, assisted by youngsters Bodiroga, Tomasevic, Beric, Rebraca, Koturovic and Sasa Obradovic and led by coaches Dusan Ivkovic and Zeljko Obradovic, won the gold medal. In the final game against Lithuania, Sasa Djordjevic played one of the best games in his career, scoring 41 points. Next to him was a masterly performance of Danilovic, who scored 23 points. One of the most memorable moments of the game was a dunk of Danilovic over the NBA star Arvidas Sabonis. That shot in the best way reflected our team’s power, knowledge, skill and motivation at this competition.

This team once again showed their potential and quality by winning silver at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

We won the Gold again at the 1997 European Championship in Barcelona, with Zeljko Obradovic as a head coach.

Sasa Djordjevic scored a decisive winning three-pointer against Croatia in an almost identical fashion as he had made it 5 years earlier for his club Partizan in Istanbul. Italy, our great rival, was finally left at 49 points only, as the second placed team.

Athens 1998 brought us joy again. We faced Russia in the finals. Fantastic Zeljko Rebraca led our team to the fourth World Gold with 16 points and an absolute domination under both baskets.

After the bronze medal won in France and a bad luck at the Sydney Olympics, Svetislav Pesic came at the helm of our national team.

At the 2001 European Championship in Turkey, led by Pesic as a head coach and the NBA star Predrag Stojakovic, along with Dejan Bodiroga, Gurovic, Scepanovic, Drobnjak and Tarlac, our team reached their EIGHTH TITLE of European Champions.

The FIFTH GOLD at the World Championships was won by our national team in Indianapolis in 2002. It is worth mentioning that, despite playing in the USA, our team felt at home due to a great number of our fans, who fervently cheered our team throughout the tournament.

They defeated the USA Team in the quarter-finals. The NBA stars had to lay down their arms before the inspired Gurovic, Jaric, Stojakovic, Divac, Bodiroga… After a huge minus by the end of the third period, they regained their strength and succeeded to defeat the greatest favorite of the championship.

In the finals, our team played one of the most exciting games in the history of world championships against Argentina. After an extra time played, Dejan Bodiroga was the one who lifted the World Championship Trophy. The medals were received from the hands of Borislav Stankovic, FIBA Secretary General, a legend of the world and our basketball

1995 – Gold Medal at the European Championship in Athens

1995 – Renowned Jubilation of the Golden Basketball Players

2002 – Gold Medal

2002 – The Fifth World Gold in Indianapolis

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