These days Kopaonik is the gathering place of 3×3 basketball players since the international YUBAK camp has, in the period from July 8 to July 15, within its camp, organized camp for the development of 3×3 players.

In cooperation with Basketball Federation of Serbia, in the period from July 11 to July 13, 2018, for the first time ( in the history of 3×3 “ movement” ), a specialized seminar for 3×3 coaches and referees will be organized.

The idea is to introduce that future 3×3 coaches and referees with work systems, plans and FIBA programs, as well as to hear the experience of the players and most successful coaches in this form of basketball.

On the first day of seminar famous expert and FIBA expert – Vlade Djurovic, , as well as Jasmina Juras – who is the most appreciated FIBA 3×3 referee, will share their experience with the attendants .

On the second day of the seminar Stefan Stojacic, national player of Serbia and winner of the gold medal at FIBA 3X3 World Championship held on Philippine in June ( MVP player of the regular part of FIBA 3×3 World Tour) , Darko Krsamn , condition coach , will talk about specific way of preparation for this type of basketball game, as well as special guests from FIBA – Robert Riblinger ( FIBA 3×3 Development Manager).

The last day is “reserved” for the lectures that are going to be held by Men’s 3×3 national team of Serbia head coach – Goran Vojkic and 3×3 FIBA director – Alex Sanchez .

The attendants will be granted certificate on the participation and attendance of the seminar after this , the first and thus historical, seminar for 3×3 coaches.