World champions in basket arrived to Serbia. Our 3×3 national team landed this morning at the Airport Nikola Tesla, on the flight from Istanbul, after the flight that lasted more than 20 hours.

The best 3×3 basketball players were welcomed by friends and families, and after that Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Savic, Stefan Stojcic , coach Danilo Lukic and Head coach Goran Vojkic came to House of Basketball, where the press conference was held in the honor of fourfold world champions, the team that has won the world title in Manila for the third time in arrow.

The present were greeted by Predrag Danilovic, the President of Basketball Federation of Serbia.

Congratulations to the boys for their fantastic result, third time in a row, and these boys have become world champions for the fourth time. I know that they behaved fabulously and that they represented Serbia in adequate manner during the world championship. It has not been easy at all for them, and I am proud of them for everything they have done. This is right way to start the national summer, I hope that we will celebrate the success of youth categories , too…. – said Danilovic , and continued :- KSS has brought 3X3 basketball on significantly higher level. This summer we have over 40 tournaments in Serbia, this is Olympic sport, it is very serious issue… I hope that this boys and whole 3×3 organization will do everything to obtain us significant role at the Olympic Games… Once again I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart. ..

MVP of the World championship Dusan Domovic Bulut reminded us of all those who have contributed to this success.

Thank you all for your warm welcome and kind words, but I have to mention Goran Vojkic, our head coach, and Danilo Lukic, a coach. They are also part of this team and we should take care of them too. I want to praise our head coach who introduced Stefan Stojacic in our national team, he has brought necessary energy to our team, as well as desire and aggression that we missed last season. It was not easy for Stefan to fit, but he has been very significant in the crucial games, he has increased the national team quality….

And then, Stefan Stojacic, the youngest regarding the age and experience, national player for the first time, first gold, addressed the present journalists:

Thank you for your coming here, all the thanks to my team mates and coach, as well as to the head coach, for choosing me. I have lot of impressions… My career started in 2007, when I won World U18 championship, 5×5 , and in one moment I stopped playing , but now I come back…. I could only dream about this. I am honored to be part of this team with the boys who have made 3×3 what it is now. They have popularized 3×3 basketball and made Serbia play it best in the world. The national team has been made for the first time, it has been strange, what are we going to do, how we are going to do it… We have put aside all our club issues, we have made success. We possessed quality to play at this championship in the best possible way, and I think we can make great things in future, too.

The amazing “two points” scored by Dejan Majstorovic against Poland has opened our path to gold…

In the moment I threw the ball, the only thought I had was “God help us” … I was very lucky that the ball passed the …. And I believed I would score and that is why I told Dusan let me shoot. …The ball went through, this season we were not very lucky, but now our luck has come back. I saw that it was slightly strong shooting , but while the ball was in the air I was repeating “ the board, board…” – Marjanovic explained as he was smiling.

Marko Savic discovered which game was the hardest.

We dreaded mostly the first game against the Netherlands, because owing to our club obligations we did not have time to practice together, and that was the game in which we fought for placement . but I knew that Stefan Stojicic has high basketball intelligencer , and it was easy for him to fit in. We won in that game and later it was easier. – Savic concluded.