Final tournament Roda 3×3 Serbian championship, has been played in a wonderful ambient at the Republic Square in Belgrade, in the presence of numerous spectators who have watched 3×3 games during whole day. We have a new champion – Liman, the team that, being better than Belgrade team Olimp , celebrated the victory in the final match with score 22:16.

On two Roda courts set up on the Republic Square, an awesome basket was presented during the day, and the program started with U18 final tournament. The best U18 3×3 was Serbia while the second place was taken by 3×3 Subotica team. It should be said that the members of both teams are U18 Serbian national team players who will at the end of month take part in FIBA U18 3X3 Euro Cup in Debrecen. The MVP of the U18 final tournament was Milos Antic, a national team player, who received his award from Bosko Adzic , a coordinator for 3×3 basketball in Basketball Federation of Serbia. Subotica, the second ranked U18 3×3 team, received medals , as well as sport gear as a present, also , from Bosko Adzic, while the first ranked team Serbia 3×3 received the awards and medals from Mladen Dokic , the representative of Roda company.

In the senior category a real struggle was presented, both in qualification matches within groups and in elimination part of the competition. Sixteen best teams from Serbia (teams that won tournaments in 27 towns of Serbia during 32 tournaments organized in this year’s championship) had the same ambition – to step on the 3×3 Roda championship of Serbia 2018 throne. The pairs and results of the quarter final are as following: Liman -3×3 43 18:15, Novi Sad-Auto kuca Sekulic 19:17, Sremska Mitrovica- Kragujevac 16:22, Olimp Beograd- Avai 18:15. In the semifinal games the following duels were seen: Liman –Novi Sad, where Liman celebrated with score 21:11, as well as a game Olimp-Kraguejvac , where Olimp won with the score 19:13 and entered the finals to defend last year’s title.

Final game was on an extraordinary competition level, and the audience could enjoy it. The team Liman triumphed with 22:16 and thus has become new champion of the Roda 3×3 championship of Serbia.

Mihalo Vasic, Liman’s player, was been awarded MVP title, and he has been handed the Certificate of Honor by Marko Putnik, Triglav Insurance representative. The best shooter of the tournament was Ivan Nedeljkovic, a player in team Kragujevac, and he was handed a Certifcate of Honor by Mladen Dokic (Roda).

The third ranked team at the tournament was Novi Sad, and the team was granted RSD 30,000 along with the medals, trophy and Basketball Federation of Serbia sport gear. Marko Putnik from Triglav Insurance awarded their reward to them. The second ranked team Olimp received the award in the amount of RSD 75,000, while Dejan Tomasevic, Basketball Federation of Serbia Secretary General, handed them the trophy, medals and Basketball Federation of Serbia sport gear. Beside the trophy, medals and trainers, Liman received the amount of RSD 150,000 BY Predrag Danilovic, the President of the Basketball Federation of Serbia.

It should be added that the team Kragujevac has been granted with the Certificate of Honor as the team that acquired the largest number of points at the RODA 3×3 Championship of Serbia.

Marko Putnik from Triglav Inusrnace and Mladen Dokic from Roda company, the repreentatives of 3×3 Championship of Serbia , were awarded with special Certificates of Honor by Predrag Danilovic , the President of the Basketball Federation of Serbia .