Tonight, in the wonderful summer garden of Belgrade restaurant“ Topciderac”, a promotion of the new game shirts for the national teams of Serbia has been organized by the Serbian Basketball Federation.

Numerous guests , among them women’s national team of Serbia and some of our men’s national players like Bogdan Bogdanovic, Boban Marjanovic , Marko Simonovic, Stevan Jelovac, numerous friends, sponsor and media representatives, were greeted by Predrag Danilovic , the President of the Basketball Federation of Serbia.

I am glad that I can address you in such a beautiful ambient , three weeks before Women’s EuroBasket, that we host together with our basketball friends from Latvia. This pre-Olympic 2019 is full of challenges, as well as of expectations. Organization of European championship is always big challenge, because when you represent Serbia you have double obligation: to be good host and successful national team. I am sure that we can do both,because we have shown that we know not only how to organize a competition, but also how to make sport success. I would like to express my thanks to the Republic of Serbia Government , to Zorana Mihajlovic, Vice –President, to Ministry of Sport and Youth and to all those who have , along with Basketball Federation of Serbia, provided conditions for qualitative preparations of our all national selections. Owing to the support of our country and our partners and friends, we have provided excellent conditions for our 12 national teams that are competing this year. Our goal is to have three national teams at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year and that is why 2019 is very important.

And there was more….

At the end of summer our Men’s national team takes part at FIBA World Cup in China, which will be , according to general opinion, the strongest world championship of all times. I am particularly glad that we will set off to Chine in the best possible composition. This tells us that Serbian game shirt has not lost its value, and that it is still a big honor and challenge to be part of this team and represent country. We are here tonight because we have new game shirts for our national team. You are welcome to express your opinion about them, and I say what national team game shirt meant to me. Only a person who has worn this game shirt, either that country is called S.F.R.Y., S.R.Y, SCG or Serbia, knows the feeling when you put it on. I know that. I hope that young men and women basketball players will also remember forever a moment when they put on that game shirt. – said Danilovic.

Then, in a program conducted by famous RTS journalist Slobodan Sarenac and an actor Aleksandar Sreckovic, the history of our national team games shirts was presented , starting from the middle of the last century up to nowadays.

In the end, our famous national team players, Sonja Petrovic and Bogdan Bogdanovic appeared in new game shirts of the Serbian national team.