There are only twenty days till the beginning of the most important competition that will be held in our country in 2019. FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2019 starts on June 27, and the group phase ofthis competition will be played in Serbia (Zrenjanin and Nis) and in Latvia , while the final games of this Europe championship will be played in Belgrade.

Today, the counting down to the beginning of the competition has been organized on the King Milan Square in Nis. At 11 o’clock , the pupils of primary school “ Stefan Nemanja” have started 3×3 basketball tournament, and after them a volunteers from Nis , boys and girls who will be integral part of the organization and the competition, played an interesting game.

Today’s event has been joined by Roll, an official mascot of this championship, and a competition in shooting from several positions and three-point field shooting, where the winners have been awarded with basketball balls, have been organized.

Also, all citizens have had an opportunity to leave their messages to our women basketball players.

In Zrenjanin, the 20 days counting down to the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket started at 05.00 p.m. at Trg slobode , and volunteers have been joined by Simo Salapura , Mayor’s Assistant. Like Nis citizens, people of Zrenjanin have also had an opportunity to play basket, shoot, and the most successful have won a ball.