Press conferenceand cocktail in the honor of U20 women’s national team of Serbia,that hasrecently won silver medal at the EuroBasket in Sopron, was held in the House of Basketball.

The young girls were greeted by DejanTomasevic, KSS Secretary General, who said:

– This seat is usually occupied by the President of the Federation but he is absent owing to business matters now. And congratulation on this brilliant result in his, my and in the name of all people. The question above all questions, since we have come to the Association, is should the result be forced in the youth categories or just make players for A selection. I think that the best is when we achieve both things. I am sure that many of you will soon be in A selection. You have already won two medals and you are getting used to this, which is fantastic. We do really expect a lot from women’s basketball. Among other, that is the reason why we have accepted to host Women’s EuroBasket 2019 in our country and I think that you have made wonderful introduction. From the bottom of my heart I wish that many of you become members of women’s senior national team and to achieve everything you have wished since you have started playing basketball.

Tomasevic congratulated to the head coach Milos Pavlovic and his coaching staff, and concluded with the following words:

– It is not important just to win the medal, but the way how we make brilliant results. The fact that all other national teams congratulated you for entering semi-final and final, and you have been wonderfully welcomed on your return after your defeat in the final game.
I am sure that there will be some more medals.

Ana Jokovic, KSS Vice-President for women’s basketball, was all the time with our team in Sopron. Now she said:

– The most important is continuity in medal winning when we talk about women’s basketball, this is our fourth medal in a row, both in senior and youth categories. Here are five girls who have been winning medals for two years. We expect that they will be in A team soon. Two years ago we played in semi-final, we lost from Italy in overtimes, for some other reasons. And in 2014 we played for bronze medal in the game with Italy, when we were annulled regular point and we should have won bronze. Youth categories should make real players, but players cannot be made without results. Congratulations to “Adriatic girls” as Nevena Naumcev has named the team, as well as to Milos and his coaching staff.

Milos Pavlovich, a head coach, apologized in the name of the girls who could not attend the cocktail in the House of Basketball.

– No matter that this finalwas very difficult for me, I think that we have made enormous success. Above all, because one more medal has been won in continuity, because the systematic work has given results and again we have been in situation to play in big final and try: this turns into a habit, to play for high rank and not to be afraid of it anymore. I am very satisfied how the girls behaved, with their attitude during preparation period, we know how difficult it has been from the beginning and how many uncertainties there have been. We have managed to overcome all that. You have seen how it looked on the court, how the girls have fought. I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart. They are the first among the equal who have brought us all this and enabled us, the coaching staff, to do our job in the best possible way.

The head coach thanked to the Basketball Federation of Serbia for the conditions they have had during the preparation and competition.

– The conditions are better each year. We shall continue to do our job, and with their support I guarantee that we shall all selections will grow year by year.

The Captain, Ivana Katanic, the member of the All-Star Five , added:

– Thank you all, this is huge success for us. We are thrilled for entering the final. Of course we are sad because we did not win gold, but we will have opportunity next year.

Teodora Turudic, brilliant small forward in the national team of Serbia, had the most difficult task – not to say what has already been said. That is why she made a short statement:

– Thank you all for being with us, particularly to the girls and coaching staff. We have made enormous success, and next year it might be even better.

At the end of press conference, Basketball Federation of Serbia surprised European vice champion girls with a cake in the shape of basketball