Men 3×3 senior national team of Serbia , the winner of the gold medal at the European Championship in Bucharest last weekend, has visited the “House of Basketball” today.
Dejan Tomasevic, Secretary General of the Basketball Federation of Serbia, and Igor Rakocevi, Vice-president for Men’s basketball, hosted the national players Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Savic and Marko Zdero, Danilo Lukic, a coach and Goran Vojkic, Head coach of the men’s national team.
In a cosy and unofficial discussion, Secretary General Mr. Tomasevic emphasized that these boys have, again, made Serbian basketball proud.
– We have received many congratulations , above all from the Olympic Committee of Serbia, Mr. Bozidar Maljkovic and Mr. Djordje Visacki, who congratulate you on the European gold , as well as to Bulut for his MVP award, and the same messages came from lot of other people … I congratulate to all of you, players, coach, head coach, on this wonderful success….- said Tomasevic.
Igor Rakocevic, Vice-President for Men’s basketball was with our team in Bucharest.
– I was there and the way you fought, played and behaved is wonderful, you have represented our country in the best way… We, the Federation, will always do our best to provide you the best conditions and I hope that in future we will together enjoy in your success…
The best player of 3×3 European Championship in Bucharest Dusan Domovic Bulut thanked for the reception and said:
– Our impressions from Bucharest are fantastic. I am particularly glad that we were cheered by lot of our people at the European championship, and this was an additional motive for us to win one title that was missing.
– And Romanian audience cheered us! – explained Marko Zdero.
– The people form our Embassy in Bucharest were in the audience too, with their families ….- added Goran Vojkic, a head coach
– It was really great, we had wonderful support which meant a lot to us, particularly in doubtful games. We were very motivated to win European gold finally- said Dejan Majstorovic.
What is next, what are their new goals as 3×3 Serbian national team has won everything?
– Our ambitions are the same, and that is the brightest medal on every competition where we participate. We are always there for our national team! – Marko Savic was clear.
– This is the crown of hard work by this boys, I believe that they will rule on the basket world scene in future years ….- concluded Danilo Lukic , a coach of the 3×3 national team of Serbia.