Traditional “3×3 Belgrade“ tournament, within 3×3 Roda championship of Serbia, organized in cooperation of Basketball Federation of Belgrade and Basketball Federation of Serbia, has been played on Saturday June 23, 2018 on the basketball club Red Star outdoor court.

In the senior category 26 men teams as well as four women teams took part at the tournament. In the youth categories there were eight U18 teams and four U16 teams.

The tournament has been the most qualitative one within the championship, not only in terms of teams and players who participated at the tournament but also in terms of organization.

The first place at the tournament in the senior category was won by the team Dzakovi from Belgrade, which has, in really tense and aleatory final game defeated Ralja Intergalaktic from Belgrade, the team which has played several very aleatory and interesting games in the elimination phase of the tournament. The team 43 from Belgrade, too, won the third place. Beside the bonus payment the winner in the senior category has won the slot for Ventspils Challenger.

In the ladies’ category the first two places have been won by the guests from Ukraine, and the team Prelepotice took the third place.

In the U18 category team Banovic won the first place, the team Mladost was second, ant Angry Birds took the third place.

Concerning U16 category members of Obrenovac team were better than the others, while the second place went to the team named Orlovi , while the team Matori was the third.