Tonight, at the brilliant ceremony, Olympic Committee of Serbia has announced the best in our
sport for 2018.
KSS has been granted a huge award as our senior 3×3 national team has been proclaimed the
best Men’s team, while U18 national team received the award as the best young team in 2018.

Senior 3×3 national team has deserved this award because this year it has won both European
and World gold, and the award was received by Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic,
Marko Savic and Marko Zdero. U18 players headed by their coach Aleksandar Bucan have
become the Champions of Europe this summer and on the stage of the National Assembly
stepped Pavle Kuzmanovic, Altin Islamovic, Luka Cerovina, Toma Vasiljevic, Marko Pecarski,
Bogdan Rutesic, Arijan Lakic and Uros Trifunovic.