At the qualifications for FIBA 3×3 EuroCup that is to be held in Bucharest from September 14 to September 16, 2018, national team of Serbia has achieved its goal and has qualified for the biggest 3×3 festival in Europe.

The tournament in Romanian Constanta was held on June 30 and July 1, and our men national team was in group A along with the national teams of Latvia and Georgia. The games in group were scheduled for Saturday (June 30) in the afternoon, but weather in Constanta forced the hosts to start the competition in in-door space (sport arena) , but in the afternoon they decided to continue competition outdoor. Unfortunately , during the game that according to the schedule preceded our first game against Latvia (game Romania –Russia in women category), there was a shower , which , beside the game interruption , made host to reschedule the whole program for the following day ( Sunday).

Our national team finally played its game against Latvia on Sunday, from 09.20 our time and celebrated at 21:15, while in the next game of the group ( from 11.50 our time) our national players were better than Georgia, as they defeated them with 22:12, thus securing the first place in A group. To qualify for EuroCup national team was supposed to defeat in quarter final game national team who took second place in C group – which was national team of Romania.

In the quarter final game equal game was only in the introductory minutes of the game, where Romania led with 5:3, after which our team overtook the initiative and soon had advantage 13:6, ending this game with final score 21:14 in favor of Serbia.

In this way Serbia has secured place among twelve best European teams that will compete for the title the best at FIBA 3X3 EuroCup. Just as a reminder , our men national team will travel to EuroCup along women’s national team that “ acquired visa” last weekend in Andorra.

In the national team of Serbia during this tournament members were: Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Zdero and Marko Savic, as well as coaching staff Goran Vojkic, a head coach, and Danilo Lukic, a coach.