Men’s 3×3 senior national team of Serbia won for the third time in a row FIBA 3X3 World Cup! This time, our national players bring gold medal from Manila, after they have defeated team Netherlands in the championship game with the score 16:13.

Serbian national team roster with Dusan Domovic Bulut, Dejan Majstorovic, Marko Savic and Stefan Stojacic, along with the coaching staff Goran Vojkic- Head coach and Danilo Lukic – coach, won the fourth world cup for Serbia out of five championship games. Dejan Tomasevic, KSS Secretary General, accompanied our national team during their stay at the Philippines.
During the “knock-out “phase our team defeated Moldovia, Poland and very qualitative team of the Netherlands.

Championship game was real struggle against the brilliant team from the Netherlands. At the beginning of the game the players missed lot of two points in both teams, and played pretty rough game. The rival reached the advantage, 7:5, five minutes before the end, but our players increased the pace and after two points from Bulut our team had the advantage 10:9. Stojacic’s two points brought Serbia to 13:11, and after the point along with the free throw for Savic they reached score 15:11 at 1:07 before the end, and it was clear that the Cup goes to Serbia again. Ten seconds before the end Bulut gained final score -16:12, and the Netherlands team could only assuage the defeat.

Dusan Domovic Bulut was named MVP of the World Cup in Manila, and the best team of the Championship (consisting of three players) was joined by the Dutch Jesper Jobs and the Pole Michael Hicks.

Dusan Domovic Bulut

We knew that it is very difficult to play against Netherlands team. We have had excellent psychological preparation. We have all done our best, and we devote this victory to all those who cheered us and watched us during this World Cup. This has been very strange experience for me… We haven’t started this season well, we have implemented a players with whom we have huge competition in world series… We have put that ego aside, we have surmounted all temptations we have had from difficult travels and hard season we did not know each other, we did not have lot of time to play tighter, but we possessed enormous quality on this competition and strong desire to win this gold. We have never played in this composition, and probably the roster will be changed in the forthcoming years, but this medal cannot be taken from us and right now you are looking at the best team in the world!

Dejan Majstorovic

It is fantastic feeling, it is very difficult to win World Cup three times in a row. The last two minutes were crucial for semi-final and final, he have had quality for the title. And I am honored to be again in the national team of Serbia. My thanks to my team mates for their wonderful play, thanks to all in Serbia who watched us, we have received lot of messages and it has meant us a lot.
Marko Savic
I monitored events in our media and I am glad that year after year we have more funs who follow and cheer us. I would like to say hello to Marko Zdero, our friends who is not here with us, but who has provided large support to us, as well as all in Serbia who have been with us.
Stefan Stojacic
I am honored to be part of this national team and to win such valuable medal for the first time. We have fit in well and we deserved to celebrate, for them it is the fourth and form me it is the first world gold.