The Men’s Basketball national Team of Serbia has been defeated in Crete by Greece 70:63 (16:18, 19:14, 16:15, and 19:16) in the second round of the European qualifiers for 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Chine.

In the first quarter the teams played equally, but our team had lot of three points misses. And besides that, players coached by Aleksandar Djordjevic had one digit advantage, and won this quarter 18:16.

The second quarter started with many errors on both sides, and the home team had the first advantage in the 19th minute – 32:29. Even though Bogdan Bogdanovic was the most efficient player in our team in the first half, Serbia was not accurate for 3-points (16-4) in the first 20 minutes, and at the half time the Greeks had advantage 35:32.

The home team opened the third quarter with 10:2 series , which brought it “plus 11” in 24th minute – 45:34, and one minute later they reached the highest “ plus 12” for the Greeks – 48:36. Nevertheless, our team came back to the game with the Nedovic’s and Raduljica’s points (42:48), and after Nedovic’s 3-point and Bogdanovic’s free throws the score was 47:49, but the teams went on the last break with the score 51:47 in favor of Greece.

Again the home team was better at the beginning of the fourth quarter and increased the score to 55:49, but after Bodganovic’s and Micic’s 3-points Serbia tied the score to 57:57 in 35th minute. However, in those moments our national team did not have enough strength to make turnover in the game, and after Greeks 6:0 series the score was 63:57. Then after easily scored points by Bourousis the score was 67:59 at 1:40 minutes before the end of the match. This was followed by Bjelica’s foul on Papanikolaou, who, again, was precise from the penalty line one minute before the end and increased the score to 67:59, and the winner was decided.

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Aleksandar Djrodjevic , the head coach

– I congratulate to Greece on the victory. They played tougher, with more physical strength, in some periods on the verge of fouls, which is necessary in such matches as to reach the victory. We did not show our real face. In the offense the ball did not go fast enough, and this is something we tried to talk about and practice during the preparations for this match. This is not how we play, not how we practiced. We are the team that has been now for its large number of assistances per game, very often up to 30, but tonight we have been below our average standard. This is something that we have to return in our play. We have made mistakes in defense, very often in the last seconds of the rival’s offense, which is the result of the low concentration, we have had a chance, but we have missed easy shots, Jovic’s layup and Milutinov’s slam dunk. If we had realized these offenses, I am sure that the end would have been completely different. We did not manage to recover psychically after these errors….

The Basketball Federation of Serbia President Predrag Danilovic and Secretary General Dejan Tomasevic, accompanied our team during their stay at Crete.

Our team plays next match in the European qualifiers for FIBA World Cup 2019 on Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 20:15 against Estonia in the “Aleksandar Nikolic“ sports hall. The tickets for this match can be booked or bought online through , as well as in all Eventim box offices in Serbia.

On Sunday, September 16, match day, the tickets can be bought on the “Aleksandar Nikolic” cash office from 16:00 until the beginning of the match.

The ticket price is:

Tribune seats – RSD 500
Behind backstop unit B and Behind backstop unit A- RSD 750
Blue and White box – RSD 1,000
The second row next to the court – RSD 2,500
The first row next to the court – RSD 5,000

Link for the ticket sale: