Men’s 3×3 national team of Serbia is a new champion of Europe, and it is the first national team in the history that has won both World and European crown in one competition season.

The national team consisting of Dusan Domovic- Bulut, Marko Savic, Dejan Majstorovic and Marko Zdero managed to win the trophy that has been missing in their trophy cabinet – European crown. On this path they have been accompanied by Goran Vojkic, a head coach of Men’s 3×3 national team of Serbia , Danilo Lukic, a coach of 3×3 national team , and this time Igor Rakocevic, the Vice-President of Men’s basketball at KSS, has been with our team on this competition.

At the very beginning of the last competition day our team won in the quarter final match against a very tough national team of Hungary (where Tomislav Ivosev plays – team mate of our national players in Novi Sad team at the FIBA World tournament ) and celebrated 19:10 victory. In the semifinals Serbia has played against the national team of Russia, which has been one of the pleasant surprises at the tournament ( they have been better in the group from Poland, and they have “thrown out” France in the quarter final game). The Russians did not manage to make another surprise , simply they were not allowed to score more than 13 points owing to the Serbia’s exceptional defense ( final score was 21:13). Latvia has been better than Slovenia in the very exciting second semifinal match that ended 21:20.

The final game was everything that can be expected from this sport- after significant advantage in favor of Serbia at the beginning and during almost whole game (8:2 and 17:12) Latvia managed to come back and tie the score in the finish with result 18:18. Majstorovic’s point brought the advantage to Serbia and Latvia players could not reach it by the end of the game, so the match ended with enormous celebration and result 19:18.

The national team of Slovenia is the third ranked team at the European Championship, after it defeated Russia in the game for bronze medal with score 21:15 .

The MVP player at FIBA 3X3 Euro Cup 2018 is Dusan Domovic- Bulut, and he was joined on the “team of the tournament” by Lasmanis (Latvia) and Finzgar (Slovenia).

France Women’s national team, that has defeated the Netherlands in the final game with the result 21:5, won the champion title, while the bronze medal went to Ukraine that was better than Italy, the current world champion, with the score 17:16 ( after overtime).

After the game MVP Dusan Domovic – Bulut said:

– I do not want to be snooty, but I want to celebrate this title. This is our first title at the European Championship. The Latvians left their heart on the court. Last year they defeated us by two points, and now they have had chance….

Marko Zdero, the captain, had the honor to receive the winning trophy.

– I am proud of my team mates and I am glad that we have not lost focus for a single moment on our way to this title. This is the trophy that has been missing in our collection and I am very glad that we managed to win it finally.

Dejan Majstorovic added:

– It is wonderful to play in the atmosphere in which we have had strong support by our fans, and I think that this has been important factor of this success. Igor (Rakocevic) has also been with us and he has supported us , so I have been sure that the title will not
“escape “ us this time.

Marko Savic did not hide his excitement.

– It is wonderful to be the champion of Europe finally, particularly when you know that you have to pass pretty difficult qualifiers to enter this final tournament. We have had enough energy and we have played defense on exceptional level during whole tournament, so I have been sure in our final triumph.