Angola- Serbia 59:105(20:29, 12:21, 15:28, 12:27)

National team of Serbia has beaten Angola with +46 at the opening of the World Cup! Our team was excellent in the first match in the group D on the World Cup in Foshan, and Bogdan, Jokic, Raduljica and the others had a lot of support from a big number of fans.

Our team has opened the game well, the game was close in just opening minutes. In the 4th minute, after the second three pointer from Bogdanovic and a layup from Simonovic it was 12:7. Jokic, Guduric and Bogdanovic again made more three pointers, with four minutes left the score was 24:13. On to the first break, Serbia went with +9, 29:20.

In the second quarter, our team has controlled the score and they kept the double digit lead. in the 15th minute, Bogdan has scored his 4 three pointer from 4 attempts, 38:23. After that Angola had a mini run of their own 5:0, but Jokic and Jovic had an answer to that and got the lead up to +16(44:28, 18th minute). In the last minute, after a great assist from Jokic for a great dunk by Milutinov, it was 50:30 four Serbia.

The match continued in the same way, Serbia’s lead just kept rising. After two minutes of the third quarter it was 56:32. The lead raised after a three pointer by Simonovic, layup by Jovic and a new dunk by Milutinov, the winner was already known, the score was 65:34. Our team played really smart and attractive, and the lead was moving around +30 all the way to the end of the third quarter.

At the beginning of the last period, Guduric made two three pointers, Marjanovic got 4 points, so the lead was +41, 88:47. The lead just kept raising, and after a great play Bogdanovic-Jokic-Marjanovic, and a new three pointer, Bogdan’s and one play, it reached the biggest lead of the game 98:49, five minutes left in the game. Serbia kept playing smart and attractive, so by the end of the game the score was 105:59.

Serbia’s next game on the WC is on Monday September 2nd at 13:30 against Philippines.

Whole game statistics are availble at:
The game against Angola was a 100th game for Miroslav Raduljica for the national team.

Our national team has a support in Foshan from the president of BFS Predrag Danilovic and secretary general, Dejan Tomasevic.

NIkola Milutinov:

“ We played a great game from the beginning to the end, we were strong and solid on the offense and defense. Mentally we were ready…”

Aleksandar Djordjevic

“Serious approach, serious game and a serious preparation… Everybody says that in the first game there is a little pressure and tension, but we were really good at the opening on the offense and defense. We controlled the boards, had a lot of assists, good opened shots, our players are in a good shooting form which gives us confidence for the upcoming games. Our “trademark” is to play as a team, move the ball, we love assists, we have a lot of players that are not selfish. That is a great thing for coaches, I love to see that. That is the “trademark” of Serbian basketball.”

Next opponents are Philippines.

“We have already scouted the team, we know who we are meeting, we know how much basketball is important for them on the Philippines, how much pride they put in to the game. We have to approach the game the same way as we did today. The approach will be the same, during the preparation we will provide all the information to our players.”

Nemanja Bjelica did not check in to the game.

“Bjelica had a practice, he is feeling better, we’ll see it from day-to-day. We will see how he reacts to harder practices. He had an inflammation of his knee cyst but it has been cured now. Our medical team did a great job. He came 45 minutes before the team, worked hard, and he did not feel any pain. It is day-to-day now. Our physiotherapist and medical staff led by professor Radovanovic have worked great. We are not going to take any risks, we do not need him…”

The atmosphere in arena in the Foshan was really good, our team had a big support form a lot of Serbs that came.

“Fantastic, two-three minutes before the end I turned around and saw fully filled seats. A lot of our people, that means a lot to the players, we feel loved, they are the wind to our backs. That is a great strength… The arena was full, that was a big surprise to me.”