Serbia: Philipines 126:67 (28:13, 34:22, 37:13, 27:19)

Serbia was convincingly better in the second game of group D on the World Cup in China, after a blowout win against Philippines.

Our team opened the game with 5:0 mini run, but the players from Philippines answered back and even got the lead at 9:7 after 4 minutes of play time. Serbia had an answer of their own on that, 9:0 run for Serbia, and the score was 16:9 in the 7th minute. Our team played attractively, they moved the ball really good, so two minutes after it was +14, 25:11. After a three pointer from Bjelica, a score at the end of the first quarter was 28:13.

Our team kept dominating over their opponents in the second quarter, and the lead kept rising. After a great play Bogdanovic-Micic-Jokic and a dunk, in the 14th minute the score was 39:23, and couple of moments later after a three pointer from Guduric the score was 48:28. Serbia had +27 after 19 minute of play time, 57:30. The same lead, +27, was also at the end of the half, 62:35.

In the third quarter, Serbia kept up the excellent game, and the lead just kept raising. Philippines had neither strength nor quality to fight back, so in the 23rd minute it was +40, 75:35. After 4 more minutes, after a layup by Micic the score was 91:44. At the end of the third quarter Serbia had +51, 97:46.

The last quarter was just a routine, Serbia had the lead around +50, and the game was finished with the biggest lead of the game +59, 126:67.

Next game, and the last game of the group D on the WC, Serbia will play against Italy on Wednesday, September 4th, at 13:30.

Full game statistics:

This win against Philippines 126:67 is the record breaking win for Serbia on the World Cups, before this one the biggest win for Serbia was in 2010 against national team of Jordan 112:69. National team of Yugoslavia has even a bigger win of 131:61 against national team of Malaysia 1986.

The President of BFS, Predrag Danilovic, and Secretary General, Dejan Tomasevic, watched the game against Philippines in the company of Dragan Stojkovic Piksi, manager of Guangzhou R&F, football players Dusko Tosic and Marko Perovic and a coach Darko Buser, all of them on a short term work in Guangzhou.

Boban Marjanovic

“We are making progress. We respect every opponent, we know we can not slow down at any point. But, we are playing good and we enjoy this moment.”

Aleksandar Djordjevic:

“Good approach, players were serious as much as they could. That was the most important thing we asked from them, and they did it. We know that the third game is important, we are preparing for that game last couple of days. We know what we have to do, they are all physically ready, even Bjelica. That is a good thing for us. In the last couple of years, and especially this summer , we have showed that we seriously approach every game. The difference against the opponent was obvious the opponents, and we showed it. I would have been worried if we had won with a smaller difference, that would mean we doubted them, which was not the case”


Big challenge. In the last 15 days we have met twice, we did not know that they will be in the same group and we had arranged the games before . The second game was point for point , which tells us that they are very prepared. We know them , we respect them, they have worked on their physical readiness, they have been much better during these two games at the WC. Now they have again two famous names in their team , Gallinari and Datome. They have experience, they are very experienced shooting team , two days ago they had been in brilliant shooting form. We have to be careful and we have to do our best to win. It was not so far away in 2015 in Berlin when they played fantastically and had great team. They won Spain then. They have quality and Italy has always been tough nut to crack. There is historical rivalry between both the old state and Serbia with Italy. Big respect, and that is fantastic. Let the better win. Defense is the key. This is always important . It is normal that the players look for offending form when they enter big competitions, they are more preoccupied with that part of the game. However, we are aware what brings us the result , we know that everything comes from the defense. We have already talked, and we will talk again, to forget “highlights”. Again we enter the battle where every ball is important, every error is crucial, every rebound, touched ball, all those small things which decide the winner.