Men National Basketball team of Serbia won silver medal and achieved historical success at the Olympic games in Rio. Our best basketball players have been defeated in the final game of the Olympic tournament by the USA national team 96:66, but this is continuation of their extreme results in the last three years. After they won silver medal on the World’s Championship in 2014 and fourth place at the European Championship last year, the team headed by Aleksandar Djordjevic is in the top of the world’s basketball with this Olympic silver.

Final game was uncertain only in the first quarter. Serbia started the game well, being in the advantage with three points several times during the first part, the last time in the seventh minute -14:11, but from that moment American “Dream Team “ took the control. In the following 13 minutes, until the half time, we scored only 15 points, while Americans had 41. The opponent team with its extraordinary defense forced our players to lose several balls, and this resulted in counter offenses and easy points on the side of the Americans. Beside that, shooting was not on the side of our team that night, and by the big break our team scored only three time three-point field goals out of 17 attempts. On the other hand , Kevin Durant with 24 points in the first half was unstoppable (5-8 for three –point field goals) and American center Demarcus Cousins had 12 rebounds along with 11 points. All this led to great advantage for the USA national team that has been ahead in the first half time for 23 points (52:29).

In the second half time Americans continued to dominate, and the score difference grew up to maximal 84:43 in the 32nd minute. In the finish Serbia managed to reduce it to final 96:66.

Men Basketball National Team of Serbia has won the eighth medal for our country at the Olympic games in Rio. Beside that, players chosen by Aleksandar Djordjevic, the Head coach, have brought to Serbia the first Olympic medal from the first appearance under the flag of Serbia. The last Olympic medal our country won 20 years ago, under the flag of SR Yugoslavia, when it won the silver medal on the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996.

After the ceremony of medal award, our players put on the T-shirts with number eight , Nemanja Bjelica’s number , who owing to the injury , could not play in Rio , and theer was an inscription “ Malisa or “ Bjelica”.

– Maybe he, along with Stefan Markovic, desired most to be here, we are sorry that he could not join us. Nemanja, we are standing by you- said Milos Teodosic for RTS and showed silver medal.

The silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio has been won by the team chosen by the head coach Aleksandar Djordjevic and it was as following : Milos Teodosic ( the captain) , Stefan Markovic (the deputy of the captain ), Marko Simonovic , Bogdan Bogdanovic, Nikola Kalinic, Nemanja Nedovic, Stefan Bircevic, Miroslav Raduljica , Nikola Jokic , Vladimir Stimac, Stefan Jovic, milan Macvan.

The fans have celebrated this historical success in the streets in all cities and towns around Serbia .


SERBIA – USA 66:96 (15”19, 14:33, 14:27, 23:17)

Venue: Carioca Arena. Spectators: 16,000 Referees Reyes (Mexico), Ryzhyk (Ukraine) Garcia (Spain)

SERBIA : Teodosic 9, Simonovic 3, Bogdanovic 7, Markovic 3, Kalinic 2 , Nedovic 14, Bircevic 1, Raduljica 7, Jokic 6, Stimac, Jovic 3 , Macvan 11.

USA: Butler 2 , Durant 30 , Jordan 4, Lowry 5, Barnes 2, DeRozan 6 , Irving 4, Thompson 12, Cousins 13, George 2, Green 2 Anthony 7.

Aleksandar Djordjevic

– This was too much for us…. We had all, long and demanding summer and qualification tournament, then Olympic games with really good play that has been on a good path from game to game. We deserved to play grand finals, the boys did everything we asked them to. The USA team was physically so superior that we did not manage to have ball pass that we had in the first game with them and in some way we made mistake there. We should pass the ball from hand to hand, and in that way seek some offense solutions. Since there were no such solutions defense suffered. Kevin Durant was fantastic in the second quarter. I do not dare to say spectacle, since he is on such level, one of the best, if not the best players in the world. We did not manage to counteract him and his shooting from nine meters, over hand. He had fantastic serial, and we had lost many balls in that period, and they achieved the advantage. At the end we won the silver medal that is very valuable, it means a lot. This is impulse and obligation for all of us to start to look for more medals on the next competition. We should reach Belgrade, and in couple days start to think what is ahead of us, what is the next competition.

And this is not all….
– Congratulations to the women basketball players , to all teams, water polo players … I congratulate to their coaches and to those single athlete who won medals. When a man is a part of the Games he realizes how much it is necessary to work to reach the medal. Our basketball has confirmed its exceptional level, two medals sliver and bronze at the OG. This is everyone’s dream and it came true. The support and unity prevailed , and that contributed a lot to offer the best games in the competition- said Djordjevic for “Beta”

Milos Teodosic
-We should be happy, satisfied and proud. We have played excellent Olympic tournament, is obvious that we are improving and that we are better and better each year. Americans dominated, it seems as if they have played slightly reserved in a group, ant tonight they scored and played fantastically. We did not have solutions in the offense, we made too many mistakes and opened counter attack for them, and that is their most powerful weapon. We were not on the same level as we used to be in previous games…. The Head Coach Djordjevic believed all the time that we will make success, he believed in this team even though there were some problems and injuries in the beginning. Sale has incredible energy…. People in Serbia should celebrate big success our athletes had in Rio , I believe that we have managed to make them happy in the previous two weeks…..

Bogdan Bogdanovic

– We did not want to end the tournament in this way, but that’s it, we did our best, next time we will be closer, now we are already better than we were in Spain at the World Championship… We all have slightly “burnt “in some situations we hurried, and Americans punish quickly, in two minutes. Probably, our desire was too strong when we entered the final game, I have “burnt out “, we have to work more and to improve ourselves. We have won one more medal, and the main goal for this team is always to win medal. My emotions are mixed because I don’t like to lose, and cannot be happy immediately, but I will celebrate silver when I get to Belgrade. I devote this medal to my family…..

Full statistics of this game can be seen on the link boxscore_statistics

Photo : FIBA