Serbia- Puerto Rico 90:47 (23:14, 26:12, 22:13, 19:8)

In the first match of the group J in Wuhan, at the World Cup in China, Serbia has played another great game and convincingly beaten the national team of Puerto Rico 90:47.

Our team dominated all 40 minutes and its attractive offense brought lot of delight to our fans.

As it was expected, our national team came in the match really concentrated and responsible, so in the 6th minute, after three great assists from Jovic to Marjanovic and Bircevic the score was 15:4. The national team of Puerto Rico caught up with the score for a little bit at the end of the first quarter, so the score was 23:14.

Puerto Rico’s players opened the second quarter with a three pointer, but Jokic answered that with a three pointer of his own, which was followed up by Bjelica’s and Guduric’s three pointers, so the score was 36:19 after 15 minutes. Our guys kept up with the attractive plays, and after a three pointer by Bogdanovic in the 18th minute it was +21, 43:22. The score at the half time was 49:26 for Serbia.

In the second half the same story continued, Serbia dominated on the court. The play that raised our fans to their feet just kept coming, Jokic, Jovic, Simonovic, Bjelica and others kept scoring, so in the 27th minute it was unreachable 67:35. At the end of the quarter it was 71:39.

In the last quarter the lead just kept growing for Serbia (77:39- 34th minute), so with 4:30 left the Serbia got the lead up to +40. At the end they got the biggest lead +43, 90:47.

The next end the last game of the group J, before the quarter final, Serbia will play on Sunday September 8th at 14:30h in Wuhan.

Full game statistics you can see here:

The BFS president Predrag Danilovic and Secretry General Dejan Tomasevic are with our team in Wuhan.

Marko Simonovic:

“We did an excellent job, with an excellent defense from which we had easy points. For us, the most important game is the next one against Spain.”

Aleksandar Djordjevic:

“This was a really important game, hard in so many different ways. We approached it seriously, we played seriously until the end… We did not give them a chance to come back. The approach we took resulted in the lead we had. We saved one practice that we were given at the time that did not suit us. The desire and responsibility, the ball is still going up to 30 assists. This is not any kind of sign, Puerto Rico deserves every respect. We are thinking about the next game, we are trying to prepare for the next game.”

How is the atmosphere in the arena different then in Foshan?

“A little bit, but we are adapting, it is going to get easier… We are going to practice in the arena, after that the players need just a little bit more. I think playing in four different towns is really hard. Still , there are some …., FIBA is a mother to someone, and a stepmother to someone else.”

How are you preparing for Spain?

“We hope we are doing it well… They have some small physical problems, but they will be ready against us. They are a team with a lot of experience, they tried everything they could in the last 10 years, they are always somewhere up there, they are full of medals, a full of knowledge how to play on this competitions, Gasol, Rudy,Llull, Rubio are leading young players with brothers Hernangomez. A team to respect.”