With a win in Finland, national team of Serbia started the qualifications for the Euro Cup 2021. The players of our new head coach, Igor Kokoskov, opened the game better in full sports hall “Metro Areena” in Espoo, close to Helsinki. First basket of the game was a three pointer from Dejan Todorovic, which was followed up by a three pointer from our captain Miroslav Raduljica, for 6-0 start. The hosts caught up after a three pointer and the score was 7:9, but our team has managed to get the lead up to +9 thanks to Zagorac, Avramovic and Rebic, right before the end of the quarter.
In the second quarter, national team of Serbia gets the double digit lead really quick, and after three free throws from Simonovic the lead was +19 with 2 and a half minutes left before the half time. But until the half time the host team, Finland, managed to lower the lead to only +13, 24:37.
At the beginning of the third quarter, national team of Finland had a run of their own, but Serbia really quick took over the control over the game again and gets the lead up to +23 after three quarters played, 37:60.
At the start of the last quarter both teams were complicating too much, so for the first three minutes the score did not change, but finally Rebic hit a three pointer and the lead was +26.Finland’s players answered back the same way, but Serbia managed to close the game up with no problems. The final score was 80:58.
In our national team all the players scored, most efficient was Raduljica with 19 points. He was followed up by Zagorac and Avramovic with 10 points each, as well as Rebic with 9 points.
Next game, national team of Serbia plays on Sunday, February 23rd at 17h against Georgia, in Belgrade’s sports hall “Aleksandar Nikolic”.
Tonight’s game, in “Metro Areena” in Espoo, was attended by Predrag Danilovic, president of BFS, and Zlatko Bolic, secretary general of BFS.

Press conference that was held after the game, assistant coach of Serbia, Dejan Milojevic said:
“We did an excellent job today. On the defensive side we did a really good job, we knew who their best shooters were. Salin, who is probably the best shooter in their team today did not score a single point. Congratulation to the all players and coaches, in the conditions were we had only couple of days to prepare, I think we did an excellent thing.”

Captain of Serbia, Miroslav Raduljica said:
“We played really good, thinking that we gathered around only three days ago and a lot of players played in the national cups, some of them had to travel. We looked pretty nice, good defense, great energy from the start, we closed their best weapon which is shooting. Also, we closed up Salin who is their best player. If you keep in mind this is our first time gathering like this, the communication was really good. Congratulation to my team and our coaching staff, I really want a lot of luck for us in the upcoming games and in general.”