Women’s national basketball team ended the competition at the international tournament of four nations in Chines town Sing with victory. Our national team women players were better and more self-confident in the game against national team of Argentina with the score 82:64 (20:7, 18:19, 16:26, 28:12).

Our basketball players were fitter with each game, and in the game with Argentina they managed to remove some imperfections and to triumph. This is the second victory of Serbia against Argentina at the tournament in China, and beside that our national team has registered recorded two defeats in the games with China and Australia.

Compared to the yesterday’s game against Australia our team was better in shooting from game – even 52 percentage, ant this effect was better in the three-point field shooting (8-13), where Serbian basketball players were very playful. Also, the battel in rebounds was won (36-26), assistance (14-13), as well as in sold balls (14-21)

– Once again Argentinian team proved to be uneasy. They did not give up till the end, even though we have been good in the opening part of the game. We have been slightly under the impression of the first game in which we have won. Our beginning of the first quarter was good. After that our players slightly failed , particularly in the third quarter which we lost , but in the last quarter we were back and won it with the advantage of 18 points. – said Milos Padjen, a head coach.

– I am glad that we have ended this trip with victory. I think that we have more or less fulfilled everything coach requested from us. Maybe we could do some things better, but in this moment it is the best we could offer – said Ivana Brajkovic , the center.

The most efficient player in Serbian team was Nevena Jovanovic with 18 points, and two digit points were scored also by Sasa Cadjo 15, Ivana Brajkovic 13, Maja Skoric 11 and Aleksandra Crvendakic 10 points.