U18 3×3 Men’s basketball national team of Serbia won silver medal at 2018 FIBA U18 3X3 Euro Cup (European Championship) held in Hungarian town Debrecen.

U18 national team of Serbia was defeated by Hungary, a host team, in the final match 20-18.

Today’s schedule at the European Championship has been planned as a heat up and it has started with the quarterfinal matches where Serbia has played against the national team of Czech Republic, which has been literary “crushed” by our U 18 players 21:5! Only in the first two minutes Czech Republic slightly managed to counteract and have active score, but 10-5 has been followed by 11 points serial in a very short time, and the first obstacle to the medal has been waded. In the meantime, in other quarter final duels , the teams considered as less favorable celebrated – and Hungary ( that celebrated the victory over Germany), as well as Spain ( which was better than favored France) and Romania ( probably the biggest surprise as it managed to defeat the first favored team in terms of gold – the team of Russia) entered semifinals.

Romanian national team awaited Serbian team in semifinal match, but then another surprise on the championship occurred – Serbia celebrated with 21-13, in the game that greatly reminded to the previous match with Czech Republic, but this time the opponent was more qualitative and resistant. The second semifinal match, in which the host celebrated victory over the Spain after overtime, was the most uncertain match at the championship. On this occasion, in the overtime, the Spanish team had one point advantage and the best Spanish player missed “easy” layup. After that Hungary scored “two points” and celebrated the victory for the final match. Unfortunately for our team, Hungary, supported by the fans’ fanatic cheering, had the control in the match from the beginning, and after the first three minutes of tie score, Hungary had constant advantage 2-3 points that was chased by our U18 players. The Hungarian players were in the mood for two-point shots, while our boys had more problems to carry out the offense rather than defense itself. Even in the last minutes of the game our team had the opportunity to impose overtime, but it was not lucky in the finish of the match.

Anyway, the national team members Milos Antic, Nemanja Stankovic, Njegos Milovic and Stefan Bjelic deserve to be congratulated on the success and the play they have shown us . The coaching staff – above all the team coach Danilo Lukic and Head coach Goran Vojkic, who have prepared the team for this competition in the best possible way, deserve to be congratulated, too. It should be emphasized that FIBA 3×3 has made precedent as it has included the players from the third ranked Spanish team and fourth ranked team from Romania ( beside MVP player of the host team) in the tournament team , but has not included a single player from our team.

In the Women’s 3×3 U18 competition the new European champion is the national team of Belgium, which was more than convincingly better than France, while the national team of Russia won the third place