Spectacle at Republic square, Olinp Champion at Roda 3×3 of Serbian Championship!

After three months of playing on 35 tournaments around Serbia, on Saturday at the final tournament Roda 3×3 of the Serbian state championship at Republic Square , that gathered about 24 best basket teams, young men members of team Olimp from Belgrade won the title 3×3 Champion of Serbia.

On the last stop of Roda 3×3 caravan , at Republic Square in Belgrade, our most qualitative basket teams including those that are on FIBA 3×3 rank list among the best in Europe and the world , in front of numerous audience played unique basket spectacle.

Young men members of team Olimp were dominant in the final game against team Dragons with score 21:12, while 3×3 team Novi Sad Al Vahda won third place. It can be said that the best game of the tournament was semi-final game between Olimp and 3×3 Novi Sad Al Vahda, which was won by Belgrade boys with score 20:16.

The Champions of Serbia won monetary award in the amount of RSD 150,000, voucher for market Roda in the amount of RSD 20,000, KSS awards, as well as right to participate at the qualification master tournament in Debrecen (August 28-29) with all costs covered. Huge trophy and medals were awarded by the President of KSS Predrag Danilovic.

Second ranking team, Dragnos received amount of RSD 75,000 and trophy and medals that were handed to them by KSS Vice-President for Competitions Dusan Projovic, while the third team from Novi Sad Al Vahda won RSD 30,000.

The awards, on behalf of the sponsors, were awarded by Mladen Dokic from Roda and Marko Putnik from Triglav.

At the final tournament in Belgrade, U18 final in basket was played, and the first place was by Zemun after they defeated team Zemunci. In women category the winners were women basket players from team Minjoni.

Company Roda, Triglav Insurance and Buster prepared attractive program presented at Republic Square, as well as many awards.