Today, on the KSS Managing Board Session decision regarding the appointment of Senior Women’s Basketball Team Head Coach as well Head Coach of Men and Women Youth Categories has been made.

The most important decision of KSS Managing Board is the decision to appoint Stevan Karadzic as the Head Coach of Senior Women’s Basketball National Team, current European Champion and holder of the bronze medal at the Olympic games in Rio. The promotion of the new Head Coach will be held on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 12.00 o’çlock in the “House of Basketball “.

The Head coach in Men Youth national teams, excluding University team, where no changes have been made, are:

– Vladimir Djokic, Head coach of Men U20 National team
– Vladimir Jovanovic – Head coach of Men U18 National Team
– Slobodan Klipa – Head coach of Men U16 national team
– Zoran Todorovic – Head coach of Men University national team.

As far as Women’s Sector is concerned, there are no changes in U18 and U20 National Teams. The new Head coach in U16 National Team is Zoran Tir, who has been very active in KSS in as a professional associate in the activities with the young players.

-Bogdna Bulj- Head Coach of Women’s U20 national team
– Milos Pavlovic- Head Coach of Women’s U18 national team
-Zoran Tir – Head Coach of Women’s U16 national team

There is a lot of work ahead the newly appointed head coaches. Senior Women’s Team is defending European Champion Title at the European Championship in Czech Republic from June 16 to 25, 2017, and next summer men youth national teams are taking part in the European championships and Universiade, and women’s youth national teams in European Championships.