National players , captain Milos Teodosic and Bogdan Bogdanovic, have , unofficially, visited “ The House of Basketball” on the invitation sent by Predrag Danilovic , the President of Serbian Basketball Association . They have spent more than one hour in a friendly conversation with Predrag Danilovic, the President of our Association , Dejan Tomasevic, Secretary General.

We have come here to say that we have arrived , to be the first to “ sign in “…- said Teodosic and Bogdanovic. – To make a plan for the summer….
Bogdanovic talked about World Cup in China ( August 31- September 15, 2019)

A new challenge for us , and we hope we will have good result. .. We have lot of experience , there is no need to make additional pressure, we already have one… We should go to Chine in the best possible composition.
We have a good team, of course in case we all respond to the invitation and are healthy. We have perspective and qualitative team and we have a new opportunity for success. World Cup is going to be very qualitative competition , we should not promise a medal. We are going to China to play the best possible basketball, to do our best and , if we play like that, I am sure we will have the result.- said Teodosic.

They have talked about NBA season too:

It was great, and what is most important for me I was healthy. I had problems last summer, and now I am ready. A good NBA season is behind me. You can always do better, but it was more successful that the previous one – said Bogdanovic .
The season was not as I wanted it to be, but I have acquired some new experience , something that I have not met earlier in my career. I have learnt a lot. Now I am in a situation when I have lot of free time , and I am not used to that. I have started to practice and there is enough time to prepare myself before the team gathering – said the captain of the Serbian National Team.