The groups for the preliminary phase of FIBA 3X3 World Cup 2019, that is to be held in Amsterdam on June 18-23, 2019, have been determined in FIBA Headquarters in Switzerland.

Namely, the group participants are not decided in the traditional way, but they are generated according to the federation ranking on FIBA list. Thus, Serbian national team, official world champion, as the first in the pool is in the same group with the national teams of the USA, Netherlands, Turkey and South Korea. The first ranked Men’s national team according to FIBA 3×3 federation list ( Serbia), is, along with the federations that are on the eight and ninth place (the USA and Netherlands), as well as federation that took 16th and 17th place (Turkey and South Korea) in group A.

As a reminder only the first two teams in each pool advance to the quarter finals.

The other participants at FIBA 3×3 World Cup are in the following groups:

Group B: Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Estonia, and national team from qualifiers 1.
Group C: Slovenia, China, Lithuania, Qatar and national team from qualifiers 2.
Group D: Japan, Latvia, Brazil, Poland and national team from qualifiers 3.

In case our team enters quarter finals the opponent will be one of two best national teams from group C.

Men’s senior national team of Serbia has won the world champion title four times, and our team has won this title three times in a row in the last three years, in the finals 2016 our team defeated the USA, and in 2017 and 2018 national team of the Netherlands- so both national teams that are to be met this time in group phase.

The games in the group will be very hard, but if we want to show that we are still the best in the world we will have to win. Also, we should have in mind that, beside very qualitative teams of the USA and Netherlands, we have the national team of Turkey in our group, which hasn’t had significant results at the last championship, but the team skeleton consists of the U18 national team that in 2015 was the champion of Europe. The National team of South Korea is also a team that is to be respected, as it has for many years, along with the teams of China, Japan and Mongolia, – as the representative of Asia – been among the biggest 3×3 national festivals, and this sport is very popular in that country. I am sure that Serbian national team will play in the most qualitative composition in the Netherlands and that we will, according to that, present the most qualitative games when it is necessary. In the international competitions we have played since 2012 with the national teams from our group our score was positive- said Goran Vojkic, the head coach of our national team.