This “3×3” season in Serbia will start on May 14 with the tournament in Kragujevac. This will be the season with the largest number of tournaments in the state championship organized by KSS and the regional basketball associations. About 20 tournaments are to be organized in the regions, not only qualification games and finals on the regional levels, but also there will be final tournament “3×3”of Serbia 2016 for the regional winners. The winner will, most probably, compete in the World master final. In the next couple of days the tournament calendar of the “3×3” Serbia championship in the organization of KSS will be known.

Regarding the national plan we are going to have exciting season . Senior Men’s National team will , on July 1st and 2nd, 2016, play qualification tournament for European championship, that is going to be held in Amsterdam ( the Netherlands) . Among other eight countries participants ( host the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Germany , Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Slovakia and Wels ) our national team has to take one of the first four places that will take them to the European championship to be held from September 2nd -4th.

And this is not all… For the first time Serbia will have Women’s senior National Team in “3×3”! Namely, upon the initiative of Ms. Ana Jokovic , KSS Vice President , Sector for Women’s basketball and Ms. Olivera Krivokapic Dragicevic, the Commissioner of the First Women’s League of Serbia, a women’s national team will be formed and it will, on July 1st and 2nd 2016 in Amsterdam, play qualifications for European Champions that is to be held September 2-4. Before that , several tournaments will be played in Serbia, and after that the our four- players team will be selected for the qualifications that are to be held in the Netherlands Our team will play with the national teams of the Netherlands, Chez Republic, Israel, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Ukraine and Wels.

Beside the senior competition, U18 Men’s national team will take part in the U18 qualifications for the European championship. Qualifications for our U18 Men’s team will be held in Riga ( Latvia) on July 16 and 17th , 2016, and our team will , with other 14 national teams ( Romania, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Israel, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Armenia), try to take one of the six places to secure the participation at the European Championship in Hungary (September 9-11).