The President of KSS Mr. Dragan Djilas , before the third game of the final play off in the Women’s league in Sport center “ Sumice, talked to media representatives . The background of this press conference was the FIBA Europe letter that had arrived previous night in our Federation .

– Last night , KSS, like other federations in the region, ,as well as a great part of federations in Europe , received a letter in which we are informed that we are excluded from the European championship 2017. This is in accordance to the decision made in Paris about a month ago that the national federation and senior national teams will be suspended if any club from any of those countries signs to play Eurocup. This decision is deeply wrong, bad… Simply , it is hard to find words, because it will not bring anything good to European basketball. It should be said that it is the consequence of a very similar decision made by Euroleague , who has chosen 11 clubs and granted them right to play next ten years, while in case of the other there was a condition- if they want their champions to play Euroleague , next three teams according to their placement has to go into Eurocup. The same thing was done by FIBA. They said that champions may play Euroleague , but others can’t not go into Eurocup but into FIBA Champion League – explained Mr. Djilas.
So , the situation is very difficult and complicated…..

– On one side Euroleague has blackmailed our clubs and we also have federations blackmailed by FIBA. Beside that FIBA has sent letter to the seven federations in which they ask if they are interested to host qualification tournament if we are excluded. Today I have been in contact with the representatives of the federations in the region. We haven’t talked with clubs ,yet, we are having meeting on Monday at 11.00 o’clock in the “ House of Basketball” , and on Tuesday we are having managing Board. The situation is unpleasant and unfair, but I, as a president of KSS, have to protect the interests of the basketball national team. With the respect to all clubs, both Euroleague and Eurocup , are important, but the Olympic games and OG medals are those that are remembered.

The President of KSS has mentioned European Championship 2017 , too.

– Euro 2017 is not a problem for us, because we are of the opinion that it would not be held without all these countries. Qualification tournament for OG is our priority. We shall do all we can, to host this tournament in Belgrade, to go to the Olympic games and bring back medal.

What can KSS, state and European courts do?

– Currently a dispute between FIBA and Euroleague is initiated, they have filed a suit against each other with European courts . I don’t even think that this decision was based on some big right and FIBA Statute, but I am afraid that by the time we prove this it will be as it has been with a lot of other things in our history in the last 20 years , and later it has turned that the things were not as they were thought in the beginning.

What will be Federation’s next steps ?

– We are going to talk with the clubs and present them that the situation is difficult. In my opinion in Serbia we do not have interests of one club, or the other, we have only interests of Serbian basketball, and the interest of Serbian basketball is that these young men play at the Olympic Games. Not only to qualify…… I understand the attitude of each club, that it wants to play a competition and I personally think that each club is entitled to make decision , but if we are in such situation, their interests have to be subjected to the interests of the national team. I wouldn’t like to prejudice anything… We are going to talk to the regional associations’ representatives. The future of ABA league is also in question. We do not give up to play it, but to change the form… We have a lot of work in the next seven days, by Friday when the FIBA meeting is scheduled – said Mr. Djilas.