Predrag Danilovic is the new president of KSS! Today, on the 7th meeting of the KSS Assembly, in the exclusive hall of the Belgrade hotel “M” Danilovic has been supported by 27 present (out of 32) delegates. Four KSS Vice –presidents have also been elected and they are : Ana Jokovic, Vice-President for Women’s basketball Igor Rakocevic , Vice-President for Men’s basketball, Bojan Radun , Vice-President for Finance and Marketing and Dusan Projovic, Vice- President for Competitions.

– I am honored, I think this is great award for my whole career, both as an athlete and an official. I did not prepare speech, it is better and more sincere this way. Mr.Djilas has been a friend of my family for many years. I am very proud of that and of everything he has done for our Federation and if my team managers to do at least one part of what he has done, I will be proud. I hope that we will do better good things and that we will do our best to make them good. …Of course it will not be easy and I am sure that we will work hard to achieve results. Basketball is the first sport in Serbia concerning the results. My door and my associates’ doors are open for your advices and critics. I would like to be told them face to face. KSS has always been characterized by unity and I hope it will be like that in future. I will need your help of all delegates, and all your ideas are welcomed. I thought I knew lot of things, but it seems that I have to learn more…. – said the new President of KSS., Predrag Danilovic.
Dragan Gacic, the Presidnt of KSS Asemby appointed Dusan Ivkovic and Nebojsa Covic in the Working Presidency, whle Mladjan Silobad was Minutes verifier. Before voting Dragan Djilas, former KSS President, whished luck to his successor, and legendary Bora Stankovic awarded him with the highest KSS reward – “Gold Rosette”, which was assigned to him by the KSS Managing Board upon the proposal made by Dejan Tomasevic, Secretary General.

– We were in this place six years ago, I thank for all support we had to all of you who carry basketball in your hearts. Our love towards this sport has, for sure, contributed to the success of our national basketball. We have six beautiful years behind us and I hope that new management will also have the same. Our only club is Serbia. My congratulations to Sasa for overtaking management in our basketball.
Honorary President of KSS, Borslav Stankovic emphasized that the results in last years were fantastic.

Six years ago Mr. Djilas took the position that was neither lucrative nor challenging. He reached all strategic goals. With him we have brought stability into the Federation, qualitative work and results and we can congratulate him on that, the results were more than brilliant. “Gold Rosette” of the Basketball Federation of Serbia is the highest award that basketball, as a sport, has. I hope that Mr. Djilas will not leave basketball and that we will have opportunities in future to celebrate even bigger results. – said Mr. Stankovic