Today, Basektball Federation of Serbia has sent letters addressed to FIBA Secretary General, Mr. Patrick Baumann and Mr Jordi Bertomeu , CEO of the Euroleague Basketball.
Mr. Baumann’s letter is as following:
Dear Mr. Bauann,
We would like to inform you that we have sent a letter to Mr. Jordi Bertomeu, CEO of the Euroleague Basketball, which is enclosed.

In this situation we all have to make additional efforts as to protect the interests of the European basketball. In our opinion all conditions and the absence of dialogue will not lead us to any solution, but it will only increase the problem that obviously exist and threats to escalate. The option to eliminate 14 national teams from the European Championship will not, for sure, contribute to better European basketball . Of course, it will not be better if the Euroleague is created with deficit in sport criteria where certain leagues are blackmailed provided they want their champions to participate in the best European club competition.
Knowing that FIBA is willing to find the solution acceptable for all, we hope that you, as the first man of the world’s basketball, do all that You can to find the solution for this situation”

In the letter sent to the first man in Euroleague it is said :

Dear Sir,

We are aware of the extremely difficult and complex situation European basketball is, and considering that without qualitative clubs there are no qualitative national competition and vice versa, and being sure that our mutual goal is to popularize basketball in all European countries, we appeal to you , as the first man of the Euroleague, to find acceptable solution for all of us. Even though that today differences between Euroleague and FIBA seem huge, almost insuperable, we do believe that situation is not like that. Euroleague, as the most qualitative European competition, is recognized and respected , and the opinion of all is that its further development will greatly contribute to the development of the European basketball. Our mutual attitude is that apart from the Euroleague it is necessary to have at least one more competition where very qualitative clubs would play and improve . This competition would give opportunity to the best to play in Euroleague ,too, and this would meet sport criteria to enable every club in Europe to play in the most qualitative competition. Currently Euroleague insists that it should be Euro Cup and FIBA insists to announce FIBA Champion league as such competition. Clubs are divided now, they support the former and the others support the latter. If such situation remains neither of the competitions will have the required quality and it will lead us to serious conflicts and divisions in European basketball. As the result the basketball fans will be less interested in these competitions , as well as television and media. In case the competition is mutual competition of FIBA and Euroleague , through which organization national leagues, i.e. national federations, would participate, the existing problems would be solved. Such competition should be supported by all important European factors in terms of basketball –federations, clubs and sponsors and the best would use it as an access to Euroleague.
We believe that this is only one of the possible options to solve the current conflict. We also believe that the readiness of all to make compromise would lead to new ideas and suggestions.
If we all really work in the interest of the European basketball development , we are sure that our sport has brilliant future.
The best evidence that the agreement is always possible no matter to the events in the past is the formation and existence of ABA league in the area of our six countries, where we, as national federations, have contributed.
Considering all this , we appeal to you to reconsider current situation once again, think about our suggestion and answer as soon as possible. It is time to leave the past behind us. It is time that we all together begin to build mutual European basketball future. “