In the following three months , in the organization by KSS, 22 tournaments in basket will be played within “Roda 3×3 championship of Serbia”.

The first tournament is scheduled for May 14 and it will be in Kragujevac. The tournament , already tradition now, known as one of the best basket tournaments called “ 3 x 3 Kragujevac” is organized for the fifth time in a row. This year again the tournament will be organized in the Big Park and will have qualification character for 3×3 finals in the Central Serbia region , that will be held in Paracin this year, as well as for the final 3×3 tournament of Serbia. The winner will be awarded with RSD 60,000, as well as medals , the cup and it qualifies for the final regional tournament and finals of Serbia. The second team will receive RSD 20,000, medal and it qualifies for the regional final and Serbia final, while the team on the third place will be granted with commodity awards , medals and it will qualifies for the final tournament of the region ( the game for the third place shall not be played but the third –placed team is obtained through 3X3 program).

The applications and detailed information about the tournament in Kragujevac are available on the Facebook page 3x3Serbia, through e-mail 3x3serbia@gmail.comas well as on the following phone numbers 060/080-04-44, 060/347-77-74.

The list of all tournaments schedules:

– Kragujevac: Central Serbia qualifications , May 14th
– Belgrade : Sportsko sabranje Sveta Srbija , May 15th
– Nis: Eastern Serbia qualification – May 28th
– Novi Sad : Zero 21- June 3rd
– Belgrade: Final – June 4th
– Zajecar: Eastern Serbia qualification – June 5th
– Aleksinac : Eastern Serbia qualification – June 10th
– Stara Pazova : Vojvodina qualification – June 11th
– Aleksinac : Eastern Serbia qualification – June 11th
– Aleksinac : Eastern Serbia final – June 12th
– Cacak: Western Serbia final – June 18th
– Kraljevo : RKM qualification – June 25th
– Kosovo and Metohija : the host will be defined later – June 28th
– Leskovac : Southern Serbia qualification – July 2nd
– Leskovac : Southern Serbia final – July 3rd
– Paracin: Central Serbia final – July 3rd
– Sremska Mitrovica: Vojvodina qualificaiton – July 9th
– Vrnjačka banja : RKM Final – July 10th
– Becej: Vojvodina qualification – Juyl 10th
– Zrenjanin : Vojvodina qualification – July 16th
– Zrenjanin : Vojvodina Final – July 17th
– Vrsac : Serbia qualification – July 23rd and 24th
– Serbia Final : the host will be defined later- August 6th