The first season of Jr. NBA League in Serbia has finished after 130 games, more than 450 male and female players who competed in the league lead by 40 coaches and supported by large number of their fans , parents and friends.

In the hall “ Vizura Sport” in Zemun, on Thursday May 24th, four best teams met and they were Indiana Pacers- Primary school “ Vladislav Ribnikar”, Chicago Bulls -Primary School “ Veselin Maslesa” , Los Angeles Clippers -Primary school “ Borislav Pekic “, Oklahoma City Thunder -Primary school “ Lazar Savatic”. They fought for the ring and champion title of the first Jr. NBA League in Serbia, and at the end , it has been won by Los Angeles Clippers – Primary school “ Borislav Pekic” .

Indiana Pacers – Pimary school “ Vladislav Ribnikar” – was the champion in he Eastern Confederation , as it has in uncertain finish , defeated Chicago Bulls – Primary school “ VEselin Maslesa” with the score 34:30. Mile Ilic, former member of New Jersey Nets, watched the game.

In the final of West Confederation , Clippers – Primary School “ Borislav Pekic” defeated much easier than it was expected the team of Oklahoma tam – Primary School “ Lazar Savatic”, with the socre 40:21.

After games the confederation champions received cups , and all four teams were given sweatbands and letters from Sacramento Kings and Vlade Divac. The cups and awards were handed by Bojan Popovic, Director of Jr. NBA League of Serbia , and Vanja Cernivec, NBA Europe project coordinator.

Two defeated teams from confederation final Chicago – Primary School “ Veselin Maslesa” and Oklahoma – Primary School “ Lazar Savatic” met in the game for the third place. Oklahoma team was better, and they won with the score 35:31. During the game official ambassador of Jr. NBA League , former player in the national team and NBA , Vladimir Radmanovc was busy as large number of children asked for this autograph on the photo taken in the time he played for Lakers.

After that , interesting and uncertain final of individual competitions were held. In the final duel in ball skills for boys Ognjen Dokic from LA Lakers – Primary School “ 20 oktorbar” and Djordje Spicek from Miami – Primary School “ Zmaj Jova Jovanovic” Ognjen was faster for couple of seconds. In the same competitions for the girls Nadja Bugaric won. Shooting competition was the icing on the case , and Bogan Vukovic from LA Lakers – Primary School “ 20 oktobar” and Nemanja Sarenac from LA Clippers – Primary School “ Borisalv Pekic, competed and Bukovic won with the score 10:9.

The winners of these competitions were given cups and nice awards such as NBA lague caps, Sacramento Kings sweatbands and T-shirts with Jr. NBA league logo. Beside them , the best shooter of the regional part of the League, Luka Cubrilo from Charlotte tam – Primary School “ Branko Copic” was also awarded. The cups and awards were handed by Milica Dabovic, the captain of our Women’s National Team , Natasa Kovacevic , basketball player in rEd Star , as well as our well-known former national team member and NBA players Vladimir Radmanovic and Zarko Cabarkapa.

At the end of final day, great final was held – duel between teams Indiana Pacers- Primary School “ Vladislav Rignikar” an LA Clippers – Primary School “ Borislav Pekic” . After teams were presented, the girls’ shoir from Primary school “ Borislav Pekic” sang the Republic of Serbia Anthem . In his short addressing, Dusan Projovic, Vice-president for Competitions in the Basketball Federation of Serbia, thanked to all participants and those who organized the competition wishing them lots of luck and success.

In the half term of the final game there was a short game of special Olympiad. The game was played among mixed teams – Vladimir Radmanovic in one, that is Zarko Cabarkapa in another team, and Milica Dabovic on one side, that is Natasa Kovacevic as a coach on the other side, along with boys and girls from Special Olympiad . They all had great time and showed solid knowledge in basketball.

Final justified the expectations, the players played good basketball. …. Led by Sarenac, who scored 12 points , Ignjatovic with 9 and Andric with 8 points, La Clippers team – Primary School Borisalv Pekic” celebrated their victory with the score 42:29 and won the title of the champion in Jr. NBA Leagure for Serbia in 2016. The winning team celebrated their victory ,and special champion T-shirts of Jr. NBA League of Serbia waited for them.

The game was followed with closing ceremony when the awards and certificates were given. Dejan Tomasevic , Secretary General in the Basketball Federation of Serbia, handed a plaquette to David Watts, an NBA Europe Agent, for their partnership in Jr. NBA League of Serbia organization. Mr Tomasevis has , also, handed a plaquete to an agent of primary School “ Milan Rakic”, for fair play, as well as sweat bands and letters from Sacramento and Vlade Divac, since this school represented Sacramento in Jr. NBA League in Serbia.

Upon the unanimously decision made by a jury Nemanja Sarenac , a player in a winning team was pronounced for MVP.

All teams that participated in the final day received diplomas and cups , and their coaches received awards.

Before the award ceremony, Dejan Tomasevic Secretary General in the Basketball Federation of Serbia, addressed and congratulated to all, thanked to those who participated in the organization and guests and wished them to include more towns from Serbia in this League next year.

The winners were awarded with special Jr. NBA championship rings , and of course, a big championship cup, while Darko Perunicic, a team coach, received KSS T-shirt, Vlade Stankovic’s book “ Score by Score” , professional coach board for his team as well as a set of three championship Jr. NBA league in Serbia coach boards in various dimensions from
“Taboo Sport”

This year’ Jr. NBA League in Serbia was closed after all teams were photographed as shouted “ Jr. NBA”.