Raise your heads. You were better for 10 points and you should fight for medal, but sport is like that and what happened has happened.

It is not easy for us now, but the games ahead are more significant than the games for medal. Serbia has to remain among 16 best countries in U20 category. It is not easy for you, but do not forget that you wear a game shirt with Serbian coat of arms. Have this in your minds when you enter the basketball court on Friday, be aware of l your quality and future ahead of you.

Three years ago I congratulated to our senior national team on their victory for the seventh place on the European Championship and their qualification for the World Championship using the words that have saved Serbian basketball. We went to World Championship and we came back as the second team in the world! On Friday, and in days after Friday, you are fighting for the same thing, to save Serbian basketball. Because of that be brave and fight as you are playing for a gold. If you do so, you will show that you have the thing that is the most important for everyone who wants to be top basketball player. That you have something that in Serbian language is characteristic, but, as a President of federation, I can not write in this letter. I am sure that you have understood me.

So, be brave on Friday. To your quality add your desire and courage and show everyone that in the future years you will be on the list of some other national team of Serbia. Senior team.

Dragan Djilas
The President of KSS