Basketball federation of Serbia has ceremonially opened its first official shop within Roda Megamarket where exclusive sport wear and souvenirs of Serbian Basketball Federation will be sold. The opening of the first official shop of the Serbian Basketball Federation in Roda Megamarket in Novi Beograd ( Djordja Stanojevica 35 ) was attended by Coaching staff and Serbian national team players who are in the last phase of their preparation for EuroBasket Men 2015, as well as European Champions Jelena Milovanovic and Kristina Topuzovic.

Roda is a new sponsor of the Basketball Federation of Serbia and the result of this cooperation is the opening of   10 similar “ Basket corners” , as we called them in Roda Megamarket, . These shops are like those that you can see in America in their NBA clubs. In this way people in Serbia can take some of our national team’s articles “ said Djilas.

We are very grateful to people from Roda who have recognized basketball in Serbia as our national brand an invested large funds   both to help our Federation and national team . I believe that this will make us stronger and better. As the result of our cooperation is the opening of these 10 “ Basket corners’, as we have called them in Roda Megamarekts, that are lie those we can see in America , in their NBA clubs.   People in Serbia now can take some of numerous national team’s articles– emphasized Dragan Djilas , president of the Basketball Federation of Serbia.

I am honored and satisfied that , in the company of our successful basketball players and other guests, we are opening the first official Serbian Basketball Federation’s shop that offers sport wear, as well as numerous souvenirs with Serbian Basketball Federation logo , to basketball fans – said Viktorija Radojevic, executive marketing director of Merkcator –C and added that this is only the first shop of those planned to be opened in 10 Roda Megamakrets in Serbia though the cooperation between Roda and Basketball Federation of Serbia. – I believe that though this cooperation with Basketball Federation of Serbia we will be able to help Serbian basketball as well as development of new basketball generations. New project will be the gift of 500 balls for Primary schools in Serbia

Basketball Federation of Serbia and Roda , have , in July of this year, signed sponsorship agreement where it has been defined that RODA will support Serbian basketball, junior and women’s league competitions. This agreement served as the base for wider cooperation including   the project of Serbian Basketball Federation’s official shops , and other activities .

As a company devoted to socially responsible projects, RODA   wanted to give its contribution to further development of Serbian basketball as well to promotion of sport and sport values in our country.