While our   Men’s basketball National Team   was preparing for incoming Eurobasket 2015 in Kranjska gora, the cooperation between Basketball federation of Serbia and Triglav group, that is Triglav Insurance Belgrade was announced on the mutual press conference. This cooperation predicts that , in the season 2015/2016, Men’s senior basketball National team shall be supported through General sponsorship, as well as Cadet league and “ Radivoje Korac” Cup. on he mutual press conference .

Serbia today is one of the six European countries where Group Triglav is present. Triglav has since ever been connected with top sport , including basketball. According to the planned development and growth of the Group Triglav on the regional market , it is very important to emphasize and develop positions for our future brand with the assistance of various communication forms, among other with the support through sponsorship of the project that is in accordance to our basic values.   Basketball Federation of Serbia sponsorship represents unique opportunity to develop recognizable and established Group Triglav both on Serbian market and in international surrounding– said Benjamin Josar, member of Triglav group Board.

I am very pleased that our teams of sponsors has been reinforced with eminent company such as Triglav group , that is Triglav Insurance Belgrade. This sponsorship refers on the first place to general sponsorship of Men’s National Team, but also on the Cadet league of Serbia , that will , in the next season , carry the name “ Triglav Cadet League of Serbia “ . I am very glad that people in Triglav have recognized the need to support not only our best teams but also development of young basketball players, and in that way to enable our top players to have their successors in future.- said Andrija Kleut, vice-president of the Basketball Federation of Serbia.

Triglav group is well known in the whole region as a leader in the life and non-life insurance , but also as a socially responsible group that supports sport, education, culture , health and environment protection. In the partnership with Basketball Federation of Serbia, Triglav Group and Triglav Insurance Belgrade want to provide support to the basketball in our country and help them in the achievement of the highest results. Our long-lasting commitment is to cherish and promote health and safe life   which I consider will be certainly accomplished with this cooperation – said Dragan Markovic, CEO Triglav Insurance Belgrade.

The officials of the Basketball Federation of Serbia, Triglav Group and Triglav Insurance Belgrade, have agreed that this is the beginning of successful and long-lasting cooperation with the goal to promote basketball and sport in general, but also promotion of Serbia beyond its borders. The first opportunity will be EuroBasket Men 20145 that starts in a month. Otherwise, Triglav is one of the local partners in the organization project EuroBasket Men 2015 after  excellent experience in the project EuroBasket Men 2013 that was held in Slovenia,when Triglav also participated as a sponsor and official insurance company of the Championship.