Street basketball players of Novi Sad Al Wahda realized one more dream with the title in the challenge in Moscow, the only tournament that was missing in their rich treasury of trophies.

Tournament in Moscow is said to be unofficial World Championship owing to its strong competition, and basketball players from Novi Sad have for a long time dreamt about a trophy won in the capital of Russia , and they have won it in full composition. Recovered Marko Savic has joined Dusan Domovic Bulut, Deajn Majstorovic and Marko Zdero. In the finals they defeated Piran from Slovenia with score 21-19.

– We have finally won Moscow! This is one of the most difficult and intensive tournament. and the title eluded us in the last three years. Honestly, if I was asked d, I would probably exchange one title from the World Tour for this tournament. Now when we have won it, we feel as entity – said Dusan Domovic Bulut , the captain.

The best street basketball team in the world repaid Ognezaschita team from Saint Petersburg for the last year’s defeat. Last year Russians, who defended the title , eliminated the team from Novi Sad in the quarter final game with the score 22-13, and now the team from Novi Sad repaid them with the score 19-13.

– This was the tournament where each game was played up to final. Of course the most difficult game was in the finals against Piran, as it is evident from the score. I think that they, beside us, play the best street basket in the world. The game was incredible, tense in the score. Their quality has been seen on the half of the game, the time did not stop for more than four minutes. I hope that we will play world final with them – added Bulut.

New champions were better in the semifinal than Belgrade Olimp, that has secured participation at the World Tour in Prague. The team from Novi Sad will not rest on the laurels, World Tour in Japan , then Prague , challenger in Bucharest , and then tournament in Belgrade and Novi Sad are ahead of them.

Beside the above mentioned teams Master Tim from Zemun excellently presented Serbia on this tournament and in final ranking this team was fifth, having lost in the quarter final game from the team from Saint Petersburg.

On the very qualitative challenger tournament in Berlin Eipiks, a team from Novi Sad, represented Serbia ,as it has qualified for this tournament after it has won the Final tournament of the Central Serbia region held in Paracin. Canadian team Saskatoon that was the first “carrier” on the tournament as better than our epresentatives in the semifinal game in Berlin. Eipiks was first in its group after it has defeated two German and one Poland team, and in quarter final it was better than Polish from Kolobrzeg.

University team in Kragujevac consisting of Filip Lalovic, Ivan Nedeljkovic, Milos Tripkovic and Nikola Kostic is the winner of 3×3 Men basketball tournament at the European University games held in Rijeka and Zagreb (Croatia).

The team from Kragujevac , without losing a single game, won the title, was in final game better than University from Split and they won with the score 21-18. To remind you, European University games have hosted more than 5000 students from 250 universities in 45 European countries.